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Da: U S A
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Nome: Adeline
Da: Adeline
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Nome: Ronald Brian
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Nome: psyptop
Da: psyptop
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Nome: Lillian
Da: Lillian
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Nome: Khris Davis
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Nome: Ronald Brian
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Nome: Evonne Calderone
Da: Evonne
Frederick occupied Silesia, except for three fortresses at Glogau, Brieg and Breslau,[34] in just seven weeks, despite poor roads and bad weather.[31] The fortress at Ohlau fell to Frederick almost immediately and became the winter quarters for Frederick's army.[31] In late March 1741, Frederick set out on his campaign again but was forced to fall back by a sudden surprise attack by the Austrians. The first real battle Frederick faced in Silesia was the Battle of Mollwitz on 10 April 1741.[35] Though Frederick had actually served under Prince Eugene of Savoy, this was the first time he would command an army. Believing that his army had been defeated by the Austrians, Frederick sought to avoid capture and galloped away,[36] leaving Field Marshal Kurt Schwerin in command of the army.

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Nome: gtarucom
Da: gtarucom
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Nome: Jamila Thring
Da: Jamila
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