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Nome: Walton Lanny
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Nome: vidosiki-Gamp
Da: vidosiki-Gamp
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Nome: alexander castro
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Nome: garmin express
Da: usa
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Nome: MarinaWINIdova
Da: MarinaWINIdova

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Nome: Arch Bishop A Felice


Messaggio privato. Clicca per vederlo.

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Da: canada
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Nome: Francesca Loton
Da: Francesca
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Nome: StephenSic
Da: StephenSic
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обо всём
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Nome: Gabrielle Denby
Da: Gabrielle
13th, which takes its name from the amendment that abolished slavery, opens with a damning, if also widely known, acknowledgement, culled from a speech President Obama gave to the NAACP last July: "the United States is home to 5% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prisoners." A host of experts on American history, social progress, and legal practices appear onscreen throughout the documentary's 100 minute run, outlining the ways in which incarceration effectively constitutes a "loophole" in the amendment. But perhaps the most consequential sequence in the film is that in which DuVernay makes clear the legislation and political willpower that birthed the modern War on Drugs and how many Americans have been complicit in its growth in the time since its inception. Speaking with the New Republic, DuVernay acknowledged 13th's didactic ambitions: "the hope is that this documentary is a primer about black liberation theory for people who might not have ever heard of some of these ideas before.

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